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Truth shall prevail: Thakur Ranjit Singh cleared of any wrongdoing by Waitakere Indian Association.

Truth shall prevail: Thakur Ranjit Singh cleared of any wrongdoing by Waitakere Indian Association.

Thakur Ranjit Singh

Yesterday, 15th February, 2013 was Basant Panchmi, the day we normally erect Holika in Fiji to celebrate the festival of Holi. Next month we will celebrate Holi publicly at Trusts Stadium at Henderson, Auckland on Sunday 31 March, 2013. Waitakere Indian Association initiated public Holi celebrations in Auckland in 2005, and other organisations have copied this trend in Auckland. The theme of Holi is victory of good over bad and evil. That is exactly what I am going to write about, where a poor David wins over mighty Goliath, as Bhakt Prahlad won over her evil Aunt Holika.

A flash-back to Waitakere Indian Association Rang Barse Holi Mela last year, with yours truly (Thakur) as MC, addressing the audience. Dewa Chaudhry, President of Parupkaar Ramayan Faag Mandali (in red with harmonium) is ready to sing a thrilling faag (Holi song) while DJ Gabbaroo Manish Sharma, the sound technician for the day is all in the joyful mood of Holi in the Park at Trust Stadium Grounds, Auckland.
It is indeed unusual to do a story on oneself, but they say, if you want anything done properly, do it yourself. One cannot entirely have faith in Indian Media in Auckland, least of it, Indian Newslink, which has set an agenda to malign me and refused to publish a right of reply. Hence I will tell what they may not.

 In an executive meeting of Waitakere Indian Association (WIA) on 13th February, 2013, yours truly, Thakur Ranjit Singh was unanimously and with full respect and honour, bestowed back on the position of Vice President of the Association. This reinstatement is with a condition that I should not bring disrepute to the organisation. This will be a matter of opinion, as truth, which, like India, is the motto of my blogsite Fiji Pundit, which stands at Satmev Jayte (Truth shall prevail).

WIA, in August last year was pressured, in fact lobbied and directed, to sack me by the Indian and one Hindu leader in Auckland in response to my Facebook posting on reality in India. These, among others included truth of rampant corruption, black money and mistreatment of women and low –caste people in India. [You can read those original ‘offending” Facebook posting on this link:]

I apologised, though found it strange that Indian leaders, representing the largest democracy in the world were riled by my use of freedom of speech, media freedom and freedom to belong to an association. These are strong pillars of democracy, and one would not be wrong to say that those from the largest democracy in the world should be promoting the essence of democracy, and not punishing those who were exercising their democratic rights. But it unfolded like a script from Bollywood.

In August 2012, I was away overseas and unavailable to defend the slander and accusations heaped against me. Hence WIA, to diffuse the situation, suspended me from the position of Vice President. This was done to protect the interests of WIA which was threatened by this Indian lynch mob (as I call them) because of threats on loss of sponsorship, used their media and community influence and financial muscle, among others.

In the meeting earlier this week, I initially volunteered to withdraw from the position of Vice President and completely quit to protect the interests of WIA, as I had no wish to see me sacked again at the whim of opinions by the so-called community leaders. This was also because of some offending, defamatory and derogatory  e-mails against me circulating in Indian leadership and there was threat to “disassociate with WIA” as well as lobby politicians to boycott WIA unless Thakur was removed. However, the executives of WIA felt that I had done more positive and discounted such threats. It was recognised that I was voicing truth and fighting for the rights of others through my blogsite FIJI PUNDIT ( It was resolved that a media statement would be issues out by the President Sunil Chandra on my reinstatement.

In my earlier posting in my blogsite Fiji Pundit, I have gone ahead and requested Indian Media in New Zealand as well as other developed countries, not to stifle free speech but become medium of change on wrongs done in India [Read at:]

I am grateful to Waitakere Indian Association for seeing the light and reinstating me with full honour. This is a lesson to all. Like the theme of Holi and Diwali, good and truth always win in the end. I would like to repeat that in whole of Auckland, in fact in New Zealand, Waitakere Indian Association has been awarded, called and attributed as the best organised and operated community organisation. The lesson to other Indian organisations is, if they cannot help, neither should they try to weaken or divide WIA, which in fact, they need to emulate. This is because WIA has always stood tall in being a clean, credible, exemplary and effective community organisation; never succumbing to any form of pressures which most community organisations find hard to resist. WIA’s reinstatement of their Vice President is a resounding message to other Indian organisations that it is a community organisation far above politics and any forms of coercive egoism.
Waitakere Rang Barse Holi Mela last year - the largest and only of its type Holi -in -the- Park at Trusts Stadium Ground in Auckland, New Zealand. You are invited to attend Waitakere Indian Association Rang Barse Holi Mela at same venue on Sunday 31 March, 2013 (Easter Weekend)....Fagun Bhar Baba Devar Laage (In the festivities on Holi, your father -in -law is akin to your brother-in-law.)
To celebrate the victory of good over evil, I hope to see you all at Waitakere Rang Barse Holi Mela at Trust Stadium Grounds, Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland on Sunday 31 March, 2013. Who knows, in the spirit of Holi, I may be able to forgive the members of the Indian Lynch Mob, if they are present to face the truth. Ho..ho…ho..Holi hay…

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