Friday, August 23, 2013

Rise, Indians: Stop your hypocrisy, your women need protection- Where is my India?

Where is my India?  Rise, Indians: Stop your hypocrisy, your women need protection

Thakur Ranjit Singh

I am forced to revisit my earlier posting after yet another gang – rape in Mumbai and continuing disrespect for women in India, despite so many protests.

Is this the face of women in India?

Anglo Saxons, White men and non-Hindus do not have Rascha Bandhan festival, vows to protect sisters: they do not have Navratam, singing and dancing praises to women: they do not have multitudes of Goddesses who are revered above male deities.
Yet these non Hindu men, these Anglo Saxons and White men appear to have more respect and regard for women than Hindus and Indians with so many show-pieces and hullabaloo glorifying women. And in real fact, we treat our women as trash and crap. A Gold medal, perhaps a platinum one, for hypocrisy?

Are brothers ( read males) in India incapable of protecting and safeguarding their sisters and showing respect for other women? What is the message of RASCHA BANDHAN when we cannot respect ALL sisters? How can we expect our sisters to be safe when there is wholesale disrespect for women with law becoming a joke?.

We pray and revere lifeless Devi, Deity and Mata, yet rape and mistreat out living Goddesses-our women. Is mera Bharat Mahaan? (Is India really that great? If rapists become Members of Parliament, then law and justice are really blind.

All the Sadhus and Swamis roaming the developed world, collecting foreign dollars and teaching us about manners and God-fearing ways should go back to India and civilise Hindus in India first. We in developed countries have laws protecting our women. India does not have that. It appears justice system in the largest democracy has become a laughing stock of the world. The supposed oldest civilisation in the world has to learn good manners, social justice and human rights from Anglo Saxon countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

When will our women be safe?

In the aftermath of gang-rape in New Delhi and ensuing eruption of smouldering volcano of protests, what came out loud and clear is that INDIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM HAS FAILED WOMEN, IS VERY JAUNDICED, SLOW-PACED AND MALE-CHAUVINISTIC.

Existing laws have failed to serve as a deterrent, coupled with questionable and slow-paced corrupt justice system, equally corrupt, unprofessional, ill-trained male-chauvinistic police force and corrupt elites and politicians who can buy justice, police and freedom from crime. It is a dying shame for a country which claims to be doing well economically, which treats half its population with such contempt. It appears conscientious, dedicated and honest policemen in India like Singham and Chulbul Pandey, exist only in Bollywood movies.

Are honest, conscious, loyal and non-corrupt police officers in India like Chulbul Pandey and Singham only limited to Bollywood screens? Where are they in real life?

Especially hypocritical is the fact that India has festivals, rituals and mythologies glorifying honour and power of women. The most powerful deities have been our Shakti Mata, and Durga, but only in stories and mythology. Hindus pray reverently to lifeless statues of Mata, Durga, and Shakti made of imported plastic and masonry made in China or Brazil. Yet we treat our living women in India with such contempt and indignity. It speaks volumes for Hindu religion, which theoretically respects women but really treat them like dirt.

This is a call on migrant Indian population in developed world with more civilised rules, regulations, norms and customs about treatment of women- USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Britain. Is it true that had it not been for British civilisation, the supposedly oldest civilization in the world would still be burning its widowed mothers, sisters and daughters of the pyre of their dead husbands?

New Zealand is one of the “cleanest” and non-corrupt countries in the world, including Australia, USA and Canada. Indian migrants owe an obligation in our fortunate positions to do this and raise voices against the rot in India. Migrant Hindus migrated to developed countries, normally pray in Diwali to deliver us from darkness into light, and praise truth. However, we appear to show silence, in fact tacit approval of the rot in our former home. This goes against the grain of Diwali message and Hinduism to deliver us from darkness to light.

For how long will our Draupadi and women get abused and disrobed without any Lord Krishna, in form of Government and laws coming, to their rescue? Is the largest democracy in the world failing their women?

This is a call to all women organisations, Hindu organisations and all others migrated to developed world, which have been beating the slogan of “MERA BHARAT MAHAAN” to stand up and be counted. Join Indian revolution now initiated by brutal rape in Delhi, and call for better governance on treatment of women in India. Let the Indian High commissioners busy in cocktail circuits in your respective countries to carry the message to India that actions of Indians and its corrupt governance shame all People of Indian origin throughout the world. Economic prowess may be there, but as nation, India has failed to protect its women. It appears to be country without a heart.

For how long will our Sita in India continue going through "Agnee Paricha"- proving chastity through fire? Haven't human rights, social justice and equality reached the largest democracy in the world?

Rise for your India. Cry, beloved India.


[NOTE: I have been accused by many of being very negative and raising issues which should be left alone. However, I feel that as a media commentator and journalist, I should be a watchdog of the community, rather than being its lapdog for financial and other benefits. How long can we sing, dance and raise flags, hold conferences and forums in name of Motherland, assuming everything is hunky dory back in India. Somebody needs to speak truth in the national motto of India: Satyamev Jayate - truth shall triumph].


  1. India is wonder for tourists but hell for all woman...

  2. It is sad to see a rape episode has tarnish India’s moral image. As the sex’s inequality continues in India, the female population has become the victim of male chauvinism, on overhaul dilemma from female fetus to minors to young girls to young adult to young woman to mature female. It is hard to imagine the world’s largest democracy deprives woman their equal rights. Countries of over billion people with 1452 mythical Gods, Saints, Dautas, Bhagwanis, Rishis, Bhawans who indulge spiritually like no other nation in the world, casts woman right and treat them as second class citizens. The male cronyism has devoured female dignity and moral respect since it existence. The inhumanity on female fetus abortion, female infant killing, female abuse, female harassment, female dowry killing, female rape, forced sex in marriage, woman slavery, sex trade, minor prostitution and disrespect and bulling continues till this day. I will never look at India as a role model where a country incriminates caste system, discriminates woman, and has no moral respect. The shrimp head Prime Minister who has no shame sent the victim to Singapore to avoid backlash from riots and protests in to capital city. However, that was one of dumbest thing to do probably the world is laughing at him for calling shots ‘a state burial’ for the brutal gang rape victim. The Indian Prime Minister failed to address the neglect of all these inhumane deeds on females..

  3. Thakur Ranjit Singh has finally lost all credibility here. He is directly or indirectly blaming Hindus for this rape in question. However, that very rape was conducted mostly by Muslims. Refer link below for account of one of the accused. A simple google search would have informed Thakur but that he won't be able to write his nonsense if he researched.

    Thakur's opinion is one thing, facts are totally different. I would rely on facts, not an amateur columnist with no research and qualification on the issues he discusses.


  5. I do not need some Pundit to teach or remind me about my credibility. India is 80% Hindu and rape has nothing to do with religion. We have a problem that needs solution, not nonsensical arguments by male chauvinistic pundits. What I pointed was that despite Hinduism singing glory to women, India in actual fact treats them like dirt, crap, trash. No pundit should tell me otherwise.

  6. You are right rape has nothing to do with religion then why link it to Hindus? And especially a case that predominantly involved non-Hindus?

    Are you suggesting India is a Hindu country? It is not!

    And to hell with Pundits, they got nothing to do with this. With or without pundits, there should be no rape. It is not their job to stop rapists.

    Once again to hell with pundits and to hell with bloggers who deliberately ignore basic facts.

  7. India's problem such as rape are the result of a complex culture mixed with poverty and wankers who can't get a real bang, a few of which are:

    - caste system: solution is to ban it and ban use of titles that pull up caste identities such as Thakur! Not a religion based phenomenon but mostly wrongly practised by Hindus. Abuse of women, especially of lower caste such as Dalits by Brahmins and Thakurs in India.

    - dowry system: that leads to female infanticide (not religion-based. That leaves a male/female gap that breeds wankers who pry on women.

    - poverty - again not religion based. Leads to frustration, crime, etc.

    - population - and lack of govt resources to deal with crime and punishment (partly because of the Anglo-Saxon rule there that you cherish so much)

    So solution is not blaming any particular group but to provide modern thinking. Women are treated badly in all third world countries like India, China, Pakistan, Middle East countries, African countries, etc. At least thanks to the Indian media which is free that you get a story for your blog(except you twist the facts).

    And if you think you provided any solution to the rape problem there, then forget gold and platinum, you deserve a Banana award!

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  9. and before this so-called Thakur forgets, the most publicised gang rape case in India, of Phoolan Devi, was by Thakurs! That very Thakur identity is one of the causes of abuse of women in India - caste system. And someone who brandishes such identity has no right to lecture others on Indian rape cases.