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SANIL KUMAR TRAGEDY: Imposing death sentence: Government action heartless - Fiji Indian Association, Wellington

SANIL KUMAR TRAGEDY: Imposing death sentence: Government action heartless

Sanil Kumar: his plea to NZ authorities that Fiji did not have proper facilities, and he was being sent to certain death, fell on deaf years.. His prediction came true and he lost his life due to a system without milk of human kindness and a heart.

Media release by

Salim A. Singh, President, Fiji Indian Association

The Fiji Indian Association, Wellington Inc has described as “heartless” the decision of the New Zealand Government to send the late Mr Sanil Kumar back to Fiji, despite his proven need for a kidney transplant. 

“By refusing to allow him to remain in New Zealand, the Associate Minister of Immigration, Nikki Kaye actually imposed a death sentence on this young man.” 

Nikki Kaye, NZ Associate Minister of Immigration, who despite NZ outlawing capital punishment, sentenced Sanil Kumar to certain death by sending him to a country which did not have proper medical facilities, contrary to advice to her by faceless people. Is this lady hiding behind privacy issues? FIJI PUNDIT is still carrying out investigations in this issue.
The Minister’s refusal to intervene clearly shows the lack of compassion and human values of the current Government and the decision to send Sanil Kumar back to Fiji is condemned in the strongest terms possible.

It is clear that the Government is now indulging in media spin by saying the Fijian Ministry of Health had assured it that facilities were available in Fiji for Mr Kumar’s care and treatment.

Mr Kumar’s family and well-wishers had raised funds for his treatment and his presence in New Zealand would not have been detrimental to New Zealand’s health system or citizens and his continued presence would not have been contrary to the public interest.
Salim Ashwin Singh, President of Fiji Indian Association , Wellington. "Associate Minister for Immigration, Nikki Kaye actually imposed a death sentence on this young man.” he said, in a media release by the Association.This is perhaps one of the first, and only functioning umbrella organisation representing Indo-Fijians in their respective area. They were the first organisation in New Zealand which started commemorating Girmit Remembrance Day. They are at website:
President, Salim A Singh says the New Zealand Government decision was heartless and Mr Kumar’s demise should be on the collective conscience of the current Government. Mr Singh says he is confident such a decision would not have been taken by Governments led by leaders like the late David Lange, Helen Clark and Jim Bolger and that the manner in which this matter has been handled by the Government shows a clear departure from normal New Zealand humanitarian values.

The Association expresses its heartfelt condolences to the Kumar family.
E- Mail: Salim Ashwin Singh:

[FIJI PUNDIT also joins with Fiji Indian Association of Wellington, New Zealand, in expressing its deepest condolences to families of Sanil Kumar, who was sent to certain death by NZ Associate Minister for Immigration and her heartless and faceless bureaucratic advisers.

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