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SHRI RAM-A-THON: A Unique Charity walk for the community

SHRI RAM-A-THON: A Unique Charity walk for the community

Thakur Ranjit Singh

Waitakere Community Centre and Temple project, organised by SHRI RAM MANDIR CHARITABLE TRUST (SRMCT)  is hosting a Marathon Charity walk with multiple objectives, uniqueness and enlightenment. YOU ARE INVITED TO BE A PART OF THIS COMMUNITY EVENT

Auckland is going to witness the spring of a new phenomenon on the last day of spring on Sunday 30th November, 2014 at 8 am, commencing at Ram Krishna Mandir, Papatoetoe.  

The dream: An artist's impression of the completed Waitakere Community Centre and the temple project, for which this Charity marathon walk is organised

Sri Ram Mandir Charitable Trust (SRMCT) has ventured on a project of erecting Waitakere Community Centre and a temple, named Shri Ram (Hindu deity) Mandir at 11 Brick Street, Henderson. The project has achieved the major portion of building structure, but the finishing and completion requires further work and funding. In an effort and new innovation of achieving multi-objectives, the Trust is organising a walkathon with a difference and uniqueness.

Firstly, since this walk-a-thon relates to Ram Mandir, it is called Shri (equivalent to salutation “Mr”) Ram-A-Thon. Hence the name, Shri Ram-a-thon, has been adapted to suit the occasion. This is the first such adaptation of name.

Secondly, this event is unique, because its priority does not lie in raising funds only. As indicated earlier, this event has multiple objectives, trying to enhance the wellbeing of community. The objectives are:

·        To engage with the wider community, including children, youths, elders, women and people from all walks to life – enhancing diversity and multiculturalism.
·        To create awareness of well-being, healthy living, walking and exercising.
·        To help raise funds for The Community Centre and temple project for West Auckland.

Finally, the uniqueness of this event relates to its marathon total distance of 35 Km and time of 8 hours stretching from South Auckland, through to former Auckland City area and ending in West Auckland or Waitakere City. While people will can join and leave at any of the stops, there is a group of die-hard supporters, urged by media sponsors on Humm FM and Apna 990 and TV, who aim to walk the 35 km marathon. 

While this is a project undertaken by Indians in general and Hindus in particular, the final outcome of Waitakere Community Centre will aim to be the hub of general diverse community activities in Henderson. The Trust hopes to inculcate better ethics, teaching through religious scriptures, have a place for betterment of youth, ladies and senior citizens, among others and also become a centre to enhance well-being of community through healthy habits and better, longer living. 

The broad outline, and route of Shri Ram-A-Thon is as follows:

·        8am start from Ram Krishn Mandir 25 Onslow Avenue, Papatoetoe

·        First Stop : Shirdi Sai Mandir, 12 Princess Street, Onehunga
Distance to cover is 12 KM and estimated time is 3 hours.

·        2nd Stop will be : Bhartiya Mandir, 252 Balmoral Road, Sandringham
Distance to cover is 6.9KM and estimated time is 1.30 minutes.

3rd Stop: Food for Less New Lynn
Distance to cover is 6.8 KM Estimated Time is 1.30 minutes.

·        Final Destination : Shri Ram Mandir 11 Brick Street Henderson
Distance to Cover is 9.3KM and estimated time is 2 hours.

·        Expected number of participants: Approximately 50 at the start and estimated 200 towards finishing.
·        Expected total distance is 35 km and total estimated time is 8 hours.

The Project in progress to date: it needs your help

The community event will finish at the site of Waitakere Community Centre and temple at 11 Brick Street with grand reception of walkers at the site, followed by presentation, declaration of funds raised, followed by musical entertainment and dinner.

In this festive season and in the spirit of celebration, wider Auckland community is invited to join in this healthy event and also help in raising funds for a beneficial outcome. People on the route are urged to join in or come to support the event and cheer on the walkers.



The Community Centre and temple needs your support to come to reality from a dreamAdd caption

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