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Thakur Ranjit Singh

Many months ago, I had already predicted on Radio Tarana that IT WILL BE A GIRL.

And in my Facebook posting, yours truly repeated that prophecy and prediction over 6 hours before the delivery again. On the day of Winter Solstice (shortest day) on 21 June, 2018, I repeated that it would be a bundle of little goddess - A GIRL.

And indeed, Neve Te Aroha Ardern-Gayford, as she was christened, was born later in the day. My Hindu calendar says 21 June, 2018 was “Durgashtami” (birth of Hindu Goddess Durga). So, it was another blessing to the nation.
Strangely, I could hardly find any other journalist or media which ventured on the challenge of a prediction.

Welcome to our village, wee one. Neve Te Aroha Ardern-Gayford (middle) with her parents- Jacinda Ardern (left) and Clark Gayford. FIJI PUNDIT had predicted that it would be a little goddess- A GIRL. And we have a wee angel, Neve.
FIJI PUNDIT is quite used to it - and was correct in past predictions as well.  Prior to the election, I had predicted that Jacinda Ardern would be the next Prime Minister after a Hail Mary pass from Andrew Little.

After the election and the first count, I predicted an additional seat to Labour and the Greens –and again was right.

And I had also predicted change in National Party leadership, and Bill English, (now Sir) would be rolled unless he left before 2020 election. And he left and there is a new National Party leader.

And on Diwali night of 19 October, 2017, I had predicted that Winston Peters would click left, and pick Labour. The rest is history. I wish to reflect back to that historical and eventful Diwali night:

As I was getting ready for Diwali Pooja at about 6pm when Winston was expected to announce his verdict, I was called by Shalen Shandil of Radio Tarana and had the Indian Newslink editor, Venkat Raman on the other line, to discuss our predictions. Both of us were election commentators and observers at Radio Tarana’s Facebook live streaming radio broadcast on Election Day on 23 September, 2017. And I predicted that Winston will choose left - the Labour. And Raman concurred with me on this prediction.

In my Diwali prayers I had requested Lakshmi Mata-the mother of wealth and prosperity, for better fortunes for all of us. And she did listen. We were delivered an incarnation of goddess of wealth and prosperity for all the people of New Zealand. Like that darkest night of Diwali, the nation longed to be rescued from the darkness. And additionally, Aotearoa needed to be rescued from the neglect and heartlessness of nine years.

Jacinda Ardern-an epitome of positivity and a Prime Minister with a heart and empathy with the poorer sections of NZ community. On Diwali night 2017, FIJI PUNDIT had wished Laxmi Mata for an angel who could deliver us away from darkness. And she was delivered as the Prime Minister.
This millennial Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern created many firsts, which among others included being somebody with a heart, very close to people, who could come down from her ivory tower and have empathy with the vulnerable, be a grassroots person and seamlessly holding the coalition Government together with her inclusive quality. But most important was the positivity that oozed out of her.

It was not difficult to predict it would be a girl, as girls have a heart of gold, they project positivity, and anybody with a girl, and a granddaughter can reflect the happiness they bring. Her elevation as PM brought joy and delight to the hitherto suffering poorer “underclass”. Since Jacinda came to power, this tenderness was passed to common people while, I presume the little one, was prodding and gently nudging this Hail Mary in her womb. 

As Jacinda is the age of my millennial daughter Ragni Singh Chand, I feel I have also become a grandfather (Nana). And my only granddaughter Rania Roma Chand has got a little baby cousin sister, enhancing the inclusivity that the baby’s mother promotes. This is similar to what the Managing Trustee of Shri Ram Mandir, Auckland, Pravin Kumar reflected on my Facebook prediction: You will soon become a proud nana (maternal grandfather) for the 2nd time

And how true he was. 

The pleasure for this young couple, will be shared by all who have had experience of being parents. NZ Herald of the day after, (June 22, 2018) summed it fittingly:

The birth of the baby is…a demonstration of what is possible here. A woman young enough to have her first baby is Prime Minister of this country. It is almost unprecedented, remarkable enough to attract attention world around.

And a letter-writer in NZ Herald quipped in praising PM’s Baby for cracking glass ceiling for girls:

Girls can now dream of holding the highest office in the land - and holding their baby at the same time

FIJI PUNDIT, Nana (grandfather) to Rania and Neve Te Aroha Ardern-Gayford joins in unison with the nation to proclaim: Welcome to our village, wee one!

[About the Author: Thakur Ranjit Singh is a media commentator and political observer. He runs his blog, FIJI PUNDIT, and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. E-Mail:]

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