Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cry, Beloved India- Rise Indians, Rise: Your women need protection

Where is my India?  Cry, Beloved India- Rise Indians, Rise: Your women need protection

We pray and revere lifeless Devi, Deity and Mata, yet rape and mistreat out living Goddesses-our women. Is mera Bharat Mahaan? (Is India really that great? If rapists become Members of Parliament, then law and justice are really blind.
Indian Gurus and Swamis visiting civilised and developed countries should go back home and spread message of respect for women in India FIRST. Has Hinduism failed Indian women? Sadhus and Swamis roaming world, collecting foreign dollars need to answer this.

All the Sadhus and Swamis roaming the developed world, collecting foreign dollars and teaching us about manners and god-fearing ways should go back to India and civilise Hindus in India first. We in developed countries have laws protecting our women. India does not have that. There have been accusations that in a military dictatorial Fiji, court system in is unfair. However, it still delivers justice swiftly. But the justice system in the largest democracy has become a laughing stock of the world. The supposed oldest civilisation in the world has to learn good manners, social justice and human rights from Anglo Saxon countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

Outrage in Delhi and India-wide against treatment of women  by men and law enforcement agencies, including a slow and corrupt justice system.

In the aftermath of gang-rape in New Delhi and ensuing eruption of smouldering volcano of protests, what came out loud and clear is that INDIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM HAS FAILED WOMEN, IS VERY JAUNDICED, SLOW-PACED AND MALE-CHAUVINISTIC. One protester carried a banner which said “Justice is dead” and how India treats is women substantiates this.
Are honest, conscious, loyal and non-corrupt police officers in India like Chulbul Pandey and Singham only limited to Bollywood screens?

Existing laws have failed to serve as a deterrent, coupled with questionable and slow-paced corrupt justice system, equally corrupt, unprofessional, ill-trained male-chauvinistic police force and corrupt elites and politicians who can buy justice, police and freedom from crime. It is a dying shame for a country which claims to be doing well economically, which treats half its population with such contempt. It appears the only honest policemen in India like Singham and Chulbul Pandey, exist only in Bollywood movies.

Are women safe in India?

Especially hypocritical is the fact that India has festivals, rituals and mythologies glorifying honour and power of women. The most powerful deities have been our Shakti Mata, and Durga, but only in stories and mythology. Hindus pray reverently to lifeless statues of Mata, Durga, and Shakti made of imported plastic and masonry made in China or Brazil. Yet we treat our living women in India with such contempt and indignity. It speaks volumes for Hindu religion, which theoretically respects women but really treat them like dirt. One twitter message read: A woman who has been raped has NOT lost her honour. A society that treats her as expendable is the one that's lost its honour

It is more important in India now to protect its women rather than tigers.

Another read: We can save the 1441 tigers later ... if we don't act fast ...there won’t even be those many Women Left in Delhi

This is a call on migrant Indian population in developed world with more civilised rules, regulations, norms and customs about treatment of women- USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Britain. Is it true that had it not been for British civilisation, the supposedly oldest civilization in the world would still be burning its widowed mothers, sisters and daughters of the pyre of their dead husbands?
They may or may not be doing that, but Indians in general and Hindus in particular (over 80% of India is Hindu) treat statues of Devis and female deities with respect and reverence, but rape and kill (many before birth) our living women. Fortunate Indian migrants and Diaspora in more civilised developed nations owe a duty of care to the unfortunate and oppressed women in Mother India

A call to hang rapist and faster closure of cases of rape and other crime against Indian women.

New Zealand is one of the “cleanest” and non-corrupt countries in the world, including Australia, USA and Canada. Our blind and misplaced nationalism and loyalty cannot replace the fact that today’s India is at the bottom of the ladder of “clean” countries. Hence as NRIs residing is such countries, we can work as pressure for change in India, even in a small ways. We owe an obligation in our fortunate positions to do this and raise voices against the rot in India so widely documented and unearthed by Indian media which tend to be more neutral and impartial than Indian media in NZ.  We NRIs – former Indians migrated to developed countries, normally pray in Diwali to deliver us from darkness into light, and praise truth. However, we appear to show silence, in fact tacit approval of the rot in our former home. This goes against the grain of Diwali message and Hinduism to deliver us from darkness to light.

Cry from Indian women from a heartless and ineffective justice system that has become a shame on the largest democracy on earth.

This is a call to all women organisations, Hindu organisations and all others migrated to developed world, which have been beating the slogan of “MERA BHARAT MAHAAN” to stand up and be counted. Join Indian revolution now initiated by brutal rape in Delhi, and call for better governance on treatment of women in India. Let the Indian High commissioners busy in cocktail circuits in your respective countries to carry the message to India that actions of Indians and its corrupt governance shame all People of Indian origin throughout the world. Economic prowess may be there, but as nation, India has failed to protect its women. It appears to be country without a heart.
Rise for your India, and cry, beloved India.

Protest against treatment of women is now reaching the seat of governments. Indians in civilised and developed countries need to have their objections heard by their motherland. Blind and jaundices slogan of Mera Bharat Mahaan now sounds hollow in light of the way Indian system treats its women.

[You will never read this in Indian media, especially in NZ, controlled and influenced by supposedly experienced, some veteran and ageing Indians, who censor any bad publicity about Bharat Mata, and act as spin doctors and public relations arms of Indian government]

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