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How dirty politicking shamed India: Suspension from Olympics

How dirty politicking shamed India: Suspension from Olympics

Thakur Ranjit Singh was punished by Auckland Indian community for a Facebook posting, among others, about India’s performance in Olympics  and other truths about corruption in India that shame Indian Diaspora. Now the truth is out

This is the extract of my famous or infamous facebook posting on India’s Independence that riled the Indian community, which, assisted by Indian Newslink, formed a lynch mob to scalp Thakur. They said, how dare Thakur, not a real Indian    say such things about Mother India, Bharat mata, They went on to curtail my human rights, freedom of speech and I was suspended on pressure by Indians as Vice President of Waitakere Indian Association.
Below is an extract of what I wrote on 15 August, 2012 on Facebook on India’s Olympic failures:

As a business community we have done well, how about as human beings? Look as Olympic medal tally. China with the same population is in top 3 while India with a billion people HAS BECOME A LAUGHING STOCK. Do we still have corrupt officials like Kalmadi leading our sporting team? HOW IS OUR BHARAT MAHAAN?

NZ Sports at Yahoo reported the following:

LAUSANNE (AFP) - India has had its rights suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) because of its stance of electing tainted officials it was announced after a meeting of the IOC Executive Board here on Tuesday.
Suspension of their IOC rights means India will not receive IOC funding and its officials would be banned from attending Olympic meetings and events.
India's athletes would also be barred from competing in the Olympics under the national flag, although the IOC could allow some to take part under the Olympic flag.
The suspension comes amid an ongoing row between the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the IOC over the election procedure for top posts in the national organisation due to be held on Wednesday.
A New Delhi court directed the faction-ridden IOA to hold the vote according to the government's sports code but the IOC wanted it to abide by the Olympic charter that favours autonomy and prompted its action on Tuesday.

Suresh KalmadiCommonwealth Games Organising Committee's Secretary General  and President of IOA, who brought international shame to Indian Diaspora first through Commonwealth Games and now through IOA. Is that the best India has to offer?
Meanwhile, Times of India reported the following:

NEW DELHI: Sports became the unfortunate loser in this battle for power, the fight to control the country's top sports body, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA). The violation of the Olympic charter in the IOA elections may be perceived as the reason for IOC's extreme step, but the developments in the run-up to the December 5 IOA elections showed that it could not be the only reason.

When the IOC's ethics commission wrote a letter suggesting that the IOA president Suresh Kalmadi, Commonwealth Games Organising Committee's secretary general Lalit Bhanot and former Badminton Association of India President VK Verma should be suspended from the Olympic movement, one thought good sense would prevail.

Suddenly, Kalmadi pulled out of the IOA elections, making the national contest an open one for the first time in 16 years. This is when ugly politicking began' which finally ended in the suspension of the country from the Olympic movement on Tuesday.

The elections became a pitched battle between Kalmadi and his long-time IOA associate, secretary general Randhir Singh, who now wanted the top-most post. Kalmadi, sources said, was not happy with the fact that he got the flak for the Commonwealth Games scam and even went to jail but Randhir walked away without any taint.

I have a question for Indians representing the group that wanted me punished for speaking truth about corruption, black money in Swiss banks and shameful treatment of women: do they support such vices in India?

It is time for Indian leadership to do some soul-searching about the stigma of corrupt people that Indian politicians and officials bestow to Indian Diaspora. With such international corruption and poor governance records, how can you blame Kiwis if they start looking us, Indian and People of Indian Origin migrants with suspicion and doubt?

You be the judge whether Thakur was wrong in speaking truth about India? How long will Indian media and leadership sweep such shameful actions under the carpet?

Venkat Raman, Sunny Kaushal, Vinod Patel, Jeet Suchdev, Ahmed Bhamji, Sunil Chandra and Balubhai Mistry, among others, who headed the Indian lynch mob on me , need to do some soul-searching.

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