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Narendra Modi - Gujarat’s response to challenge of climate change

Narendra Modi - Gujarat’s response to challenge of climate change: Book review.

Is Modi destined to be future PM of India? I had stated in my Facebook posting during last Independence Day on 15 August, 2012, that we needed to bow our heads in prayers that God of nations may send a messiah and saviour who could pull India out of chasm of corruption and other evils enveloping the once proud nation. Is Narendra Modi the answer to those prayers?
Narendra Modi -Future Prime Minister of India? Many believe that their prayers may be answered.

THE PICTURE and perception that the Western world and its media have painted of Indian politicians is uneducated and excessively corrupt individuals who manipulate the system to hang on to power. Narendra Modi’s Convenient Action removes this myth and reveals a politician in a different light. That is why many Indians believe this Chief Minister of Gujarat is destined to be a future Prime Minister of India.

This book, while documenting Gujarat’s proactive action in multi-dimensional initiatives towards climate change, is also intended as an invitation by Modi to scholars, researchers, scientists, leaders and policy planners to visit his Gujarat. He invites them to experience and feel the impact and challenges them to measure and judge Gujarat’s initiatives against any yardsticks of scientific and analytical scrutiny.

Modi:Author of  Convenient Action - Gujarat's Response To Challenges Of Climate Change- an educated and intelligent leader.

Those who frown on certain Eastern religions as falling under paganism need to see how religion is conveniently used as a vehicle to promote good husbandry and forestry practices while providing for ‘water temples’ and preserving mangroves.

The book outlines simple examples of commonsense rules to preserve power and natural resources through CNG and solar energy and rescheduling office hours to spread the loads on electricity demands. Innovation in transport system, use of gas and wind can help a great deal in reducing what we call carbon footprint.

The book is a documentation of eight years of initiatives and innovations undertaken by Gujarat state under the leadership of Narendra Modi.  Among others, Academia, NGOs and media have been targeted for capacity building exercise. Media have been gainfully utilised to enhance communication capabilities to inform and empower. Being a pioneer in establishing a separate Department of Climate Change, Modi administration has been successful in developing public participation and public awareness through effective use of media and communication channels.

Modi- Jai Hind

Such practices are intended to contribute to the adaptation and mitigation of Climate Change. In fact Modi believes the Gujarat model could serve as an example to decision makers across all political spectrum if there was strong political will to fight climate change and leave the world a better place for coming generations. The message Modi intends to pass to the developed and developing world is that the divide between political cycle and carbon cycle could be filled by firm determination and resolute will.

That is how it has been done in Gujarat. This is must reading for those interested in preserving our world for future generations from the impact of global warming through simple, commonsense actions.

Book Review: Convenient action: Gujarat’s response to challenges of climate change, by Narendra Modi. New Delhi: Macmillan Publishers India Ltd. 2011, 234 pages,
ISBN 10: 0230-331920

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