Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hobsonville Tornado and disaster: A pictorial perceptive

Hobsonville Tornado and disaster: A pictorial 


Section of Hobsonville Road that was blocked by fallen trees, since been cleared.

Our sympathies are with families who have lost their loved ones.

The concrete slabs that fell on the truck, killing two people.. See the sheer size, and imagine the force of wind.
School site and general development of the area.

As somebody who lives in West Auckland and daily drive by the disaster zone via Hobsonville Road , I wish to bring better perspectives to others who are guessing the site of accident/deaths and the a general area of disaster.

Map showing site location, school site, road closure, police cordon and Upper Harbour Bridge

Yesterday, 6th December, the date of disaster, parts of Hobsonville Road
 and Motorway 18 (Upper Harbour Motorway) and bridge were closed because of blockage by fallen trees and other debris.  People reached Hobsonville from North Shore via Coatsville - Riverhead Highway.

Cleared and trimmed branches of trees at Hobsonville, near Upper Harbour Bridge that had blocked the motorway on 6th December, 2012.
Upper Harbour Bridge that had to be closed near Squadron  Drive on- ramp because of branches and other debris

The site where two accidental deaths happened was at the new school building site where concrete slabs fell on a truck where the deceased were taking shelter from the storm.

Uprooted tree-trunk and damaged fence at Hobsonville point construction site.

Stories of disaster are well covered in the media. I attempt to bring some pictorial perspectives. Police cordoned off access to the building site at Hobsonville Road entries to Wallingford Way, Carnegie Crescent and Clark Road, which are access to the construction site. This is Hobsonville Road from the other end from Westgate

[All photos by Thakur Ranjit Singh]

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